Saturday, November 26, 2011


Welcome to Sweet Mercy, our new bloggie home!

Many of you read our first blog, Blessed Believing and Blogging Browns for years.  We started that blog back in 2006 when we had two little girls and began our adventure to seminary.  More than five years later, we decided it was time for a new blog, but first a sabbatical.  I have chronicled our family's life online nearly every day for years and because of our absolutely crazy busy summer schedule and my creative burnout, I took several months off and it was glorious.  I loved being able to live in the moment without having my camera attached to my side all the time, and it was liberating to not feel guilty when several days went by without me blogging. As freeing as it was, I missed it even more.  We live away from all of our family and many of our friends and it broke my heart when Atalie would do something especially cute or Austin Kate would say something especially funny or Averie would look especially grown up and I couldn't share it with all of you.  So, I'm back and ready keep you up to date with our usually very happy and always very full lives.

Why "Sweet Mercy"?

If you have spent much time with me in the real world, you know this is a phrase I say a lot.  I say it when my kids are unusually cute or unusually rambunctious.  I say it when I slam my finger in the car door and when something great is on sale at anthropologie.

It's my go-to expression, but it's also my testimony.  It's God's Sweet Mercy and Amazing Grace that saves sinners and rescues the hopeless.

Sweet Mercy in my lifesong.


Courtney said...

Love it!!! So glad you are back!

Jenn said...

Sweet mercy is right. I can't imagine a better title for your blog or your story. I am SO happy you are back. I have missed your stories and your pictures. Love you much!

The Burleys said...

I am not a person you know in real life, so I guess maybe that technically makes me a lurker, but I'm glad you're back to blogging! I have enjoyed reading your stories since your old blog! :)

Lou Ellen said...

Hey Jaime! I've loved reading your blog for many years and am so excited you're back. I'm a stay at home Mom of a 20 month old, Henry, and am a wife to my sweet husband, Caleb. I sent an email introducing myself a while back, but am not surprised I didn't hear back when I'm reading about your busy lives these days. Please know how much your faith and witness are so encouraging to me. Our blog is if you ever have time to check it out!

Lou Ellen