Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bitty Picasso

I needed a piece of art for our mudroom, and I knew just the gal I wanted to commission... my own Bitty Picasso, who is all about some art these days.  First, I prepped a large canvas that I got for 50% off at Hobby Lobby (about $8) by painting the whole thing a solid color.

Next, I let Miss Bitty know that she was going to paint, so she stripped down to her diaper.  Seriously, I have her conditioned to get naked when a mess is involved.  At what age do I have to stop this? Kindergarten? She did insist on leaving on her pearls and putting in a bow.  I'm not kidding.  She insisted.

 We started with pink.  The girl would paint the world pink if she could. 

 The beginning of a masterpiece. 

 Blues were next. 

 She asked, "Use hands please?"

 Then some yellow. 

 And finally, some orange.

 All done!

 She was so proud!

 Such a perfect little masterpiece!  

When painting for display (rather than just fun) with a toddler, my tips are:
- Prep the canvas with a solid color.
- Use a different plate and brush for each color to minimize colors mixing and everything becoming a yucky brown.
- Turn the canvas several times so the child can reach all the sides and cover most of the canvas.
- Add the child's handprint somewhere in the art, you will be glad you did when those little hands are much bigger. 
- Seal and protect the finished canvas with a clear gloss spray like this


Philip and Traci said...

Love the idea! And the painting turned out well. You have a doll, for sure! My little one hates to get messy, so it's twisting an arm just to get her to do finger paints. Maybe a brush will be better for her. In what area do you the pics of your house and the scenery outside.

Meredith said...

Two observations:
I absolutely CANNOT get over how much like AK she is, both in appearance and in wearing her pearls and bow.
I love how PROUD she appears!