Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Back to it

Today Nate went back to work and the bigs went back to school after a glorious Christmas break.  The big girls had a pretty good morning and only asked about a dozen times each if I would "PAALEEEEZ homeschool them again".

Atalie slept until 9 since I had to get up at 6, where as she has been getting up at 6 during the break when I could have slept until 9.
This is blurry cell phone picture, but I think it's cute and captures her attitude this morning. 

This is how our conversation went when she woke up...

Ata: "Where Daddy?"
Me: "Daddy is at work."
Ata: "Where AK?"
Me: "AK is at school."
Ata: "Where Averie?"
Me: "Averie is at school."
Ata: throws her paci and yells, "NOOOO!" as she falls into the floor in despair... then she looks up at me and says, "Daddy HOME.  Averie HOME. AK HOME.  NOW."

We have repeated this conversation at least a dozen times already today...

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Philip and Traci said...

I loved reading your blog posts about your family. I can't believe it's been 13-14 years since we've been in contact. Life changes!! Hope to see you the next time I'm in Charlotte.