Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ski Trip 2012

 We took some of our students skiing in West Virginia this weekend.
It was a great trip with some of our wonderful students. 
The fearless chaperones... Todd, Trey, Shannon and us..

I love going on trips like this with our students because we get to spend so much individual time with them.  It is always a great time to build relationships with a smaller group of students.  Some of them introduced me to the highly addictive Temple Run, and the girls in my room performed a late night dance off.  They keep me young.. 

Our friend, Todd Hollins was the speaker for the weekend and we enjoyed a study of King Saul and Samuel.  We had weird weather because it was warm for WV in February and we had some rain, but there was almost no crowd, so we got lots of skiing and tubing in.  We have been taking students to Winterplace for years and look forward to many more trips up there in the future.

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