Monday, January 2, 2012

The Sleepy Poet

Today was our last day of Christmas vacation, so we had a lazy morning together, went out to lunch and then somewhere we've been trying to get to since we moved here, the Sleepy Poet

And don't think I had to twist any arms to go there.  
Our whole bunch enjoys a good treasure hunt.

I don't think I've ever seen this much Amethyst all together. 

pretty greens..

pretty blues..

love it.

I almost spent my Christmas money on this piece of stained glass, but didn't..

This antique dental cabinet was the coolest piece I saw all day.  Each drawer still had all of the original milk glass organizers in them.  At $500, I couldn't bring it home though. 


It was a swell bit of family time.  
All we took home was a coke bottle for Nate's collection, and some good little memories. 

::All pictures are taken with my phone in instagram::

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Jenn said...

Oh I bet you were in heaven! I love how they have the things all grouped together.