Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Wizard of Oz

 Averie and Austin Kate were both part of the NCA production of Wizard of Oz this weekend.

Averie was the coroner and sang a solo. 

Austin Kate was one of the members of the Lullaby League.

They both did an excellent job at all of the weekend performances.  

 Many of our students were in the play, so it was great to spend the weekend at all four shows!

They spent lots of time practicing very hard over the last several months.  
I think they might have even enjoyed spending the extra time together!

Grammy, Granddaddy, Paca, Papa Joe, Nana Sherrill, MaMa Ruby, Uncle Brad and Aunt Libby all came into town to see the plays, but I didn't get pictures of any of them!  I did get this sweet picture of their "Aunt" April giving them some pretty flowers though. 

It was a great production and we are thankful for the many hours of hard work our Fine Arts Department put into it!

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