Friday, March 30, 2012


I'm linking up my cell phone pictures from the week (and a few that are a little older since this is my first InstaFriday post) with liferearranged...

life rearranged

This little weekly blog party is great for me since I take A LOT of cell phone pictures and not nearly enough "real" pictures these days. Some of these have already been shared on facebook or twitter, but some haven't and I like knowing that they will all be archived here. 

These girls. Sweet mercy. 

This is our front yard and when I saw this daffodil blooming I instantly thought of the DCB lyrics..
 "A certain sign of grace is this: from the broken earth,
flowers come up, pushing through the dirt." 

 This is what a princess in time-out looks like.

 "Whatever, Mom."

 These are two of my best friends and fellow NBC pastors wives, Amy and April.

 We love Rita's.  LOVE I tell you. 

 This little cheerleader took UNC as far as she could this year, "considering their injuries". 

Our students stop by all the time and our whole family loves that.
This is one of our students, Cierra, reading Atalie her bedtime story. 

 Ata read herself a book and fell asleep.

They sometimes like each other.  I try to take a picture whenever it happens. 

 We found this note on Nate's mud covered Jeep.

Aves and a blue icee.

Nate and his intern, CJ stuffing a jillion Easter eggs for our huge Easter bash this Saturday.

 Why does she look so grown up in this picture??

 Did you know that Cinderella got married in a vintage Fisher Price barn?

So that's kinda our week in pictures.  I hope to share my cell phone pictures on here most Fridays for your viewing pleasure and to help me digitally archive them.  Have a happy weekend!

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Shannon Bromenschenkel said...

Ooooooo..... I used to have that vintage barn and the house too!!! I loved those!! And I am pretty sure I never knew Cinderella got married there! :) The picture of time-out princess really should be frame because it is SO, SO cute!