Monday, March 26, 2012

Our Weekend

I must have thought to myself at least a dozen times this weekend, "I really love my life."  No lie.  I know that sounds sappy and whatnot, but it's the truth.  It was just a really good weekend.

We had five girls spend the night with us, plus our three, which equaled lots of giggling and fun.  Why did we have so many girls spend the night?  Because we can and they are only little once.  I just told Ave and AK that they could invite whomever they wanted to spend the night on Friday night.  Austin Kate invited one of her best friends, and Ave invited 4 of her friends.  Atalie thought they were all here to entertain her.

Saturday, we did service projects.  We painted fingernails at a nearby nursing home, which was super fun.  I was so proud of all the girls!  They interacted with the ladies so sweetly.  The residents loved our visit and we will defiantly go back soon.  We did a few other projects and then everyone went home.

We didn't have any Saturday evening plans, which is exceptionally rare for us and it was splendid.  I cooked supper and we played some games. It rained most of the afternoon and evening, but when it stopped, we went on a family mud ride with the doors off the Jeep.  We came home filthy and laughing.

Sunday was a great day at church.  I love our church and we are excited about all of the great things God is doing here. We had lunch at a new restaurant, that has actually been in Charlotte for 30+ years and just opened a new location near us.  It was delish. We haven't found many country cooking places around here, so it is a welcomed addition to our restaurant list. 

Sunday night, Nate and his team from the February trip to Kenya shared about their work there.  He is sitting right beside me now, going through 2415 pictures, so hopefully he will share some of those and some more details of that trip on the Kenya page soon!

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