Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like...

We never wait until December to decorate for Christmas.  I like to get my Christmas decorations up early because we put up several trees and lots of pretty, special stuff, but the campaign to "Save Thanksgiving" guilted me into not decorating until after we had celebrated the late November holiday.  Well, that's the last time that's gonna happen.  I love Thanksgiving and celebrate it in it's fullest, but I can do that with a Christmas tree in the room. I spent the last part of November wishing I had my Christmas stuff up and once Thanksgiving passes, our schedule becomes even crazier than normal. We struggled to find the time to leisurely put up our decorations while sipping hot chocolate.  Eventually, I just had to let the girls stay up way too late on a school night to get it done. I've decided that I am perfectly capable of being thankful in November while my Christmas stuff is up, so I plan on decorating earlier next year.

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