Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Cards

Nate informed me last night that I am obsessed with Christmas cards.  There's some merit to that statement. I do love Christmas cards.  I started keeping all of the Christmas cards we get, many years ago.  Each year, I unpack them with our Christmas things and enjoy sitting down and rereading them all. I read them over and over several times over the Christmas season.

Its amazing how much changes from year to year.  Every family represented by each Christmas card is changed over the year, and especially from the oldest cards I've kept.  There have been sad changes like death, sickness and divorce to several of the families we love and I cover those families in prayer as I reflect on their years.  There are also many happy changes like new babies, and marriages and happy memories made and I thank God for those sweet additions. My collection of Christmas cards remind me of how quickly things can change and cause me to be thankful for our many precious friends. So, yes, I love Christmas cards.

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