Saturday, December 3, 2011

NewSong's Very Merry Christmas Tour

Our church hosted NewSong's Very Merry Christmas Tour with Kutless, Chris August and Jamie Grace this weekend.  

It was such a fun way to celebrate Christ and His birth. The concert was amazing. 

Austin Kate and our children's choir sang with Newsong during their popular song, Christmas Shoes.  They did a great job and we were very proud of all of them. 

James and Nick from Kutless goofing off during lunch.

I spent the day in the greenroom entertaining and feeding the bands.  They were all super nice and we had a lot of fun.  The Newsong guys are very professional and focused on their music and preparing for their performance.  

The Kutless guys are hilarious.  They asked me to find them a football so they could go down to our football field and throw it around.  They also spent a lot of the day playing our Wii and Xbox that we set up in the greenroom.  

Jamie Grace is a sweetheart.  She asked us to take her to the mall because she wanted to get a new jacket at Forever 21 to wear that night.  She spent much of her day working on school work since she is a full time college student as well as an on tour Grammy nominated recording artist. She also did some Christmas shopping online... I know what her Daddy is getting for Christmas. 

My man, Chris August 's flight was cancelled not once, but twice on his way to Charlotte.  His flight finally landed near the end of the concert. Chris ran from the airport, straight to a waiting car driven by our our friend Steven, and raced to the church.  He pulled up, ran straight to the worship center, where he surprised to crowd who had earlier been informed that he wasn't going to make it.  He was out of breath and still in his sweats, but he ROCKED it out.  It was awesome. 

Here's Chris playing with Atalie after the concert.  They were fast friends. 

And here's Austin Kate and Averie hugging their new friend, Jamie Grace. 

There are many other wonderful pictures of the event at Whitney Photography's website.  Thanks for sharing the images, Ben and Kisha!


Meredith said...

AWESOME! I so wish I could have come.

Jenn said...

So I was kinds skimming thought the pictures and I saw the photo of Kutless, but I read the word Newsong and I was really confused for a minute. I was like, I remember seeing Newsong a long time ago, and I don't remember them looking like that. Ha!