Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Jeep

One of the big events that happened during our blogging break, was the Jeep.  On September 21, after secretly saving money for a long, long time, I surprised Nate with a Jeep.  He has always wanted one and I've always wanted him to have one.  His car had died a few weeks earlier and I finally had enough money to get a decent one. When he got home from church, it was sitting in the driveway with a bow and SHMILY written on the windshield.  He loves it and I love that I was able to give it to him. 

I also found this perfect ornament for him for 2011.  It was supposed to be a gift he opened on Christmas, but he saw a package come from the Jeep store and immediately opened it thinking it was something he ordered.

 I'm glad he opened it early though, because now we get to enjoy it on our tree this year.

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