Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day 2011

The big girls woke up about 6:30 on Christmas morning and
literally drug their bitty sister into the family room to open presents.

 It was still dark outside!

 The big girls were super excited about their new iPods.  Atalie just wanted a nap.

 Nate got some kickin' new green Pumas. 

 It was a fun and special Christmas morning. 

 Then we went to church. I love when Christmas falls on Sunday!  
We had a sweet birthday party for Jesus with the children. 

 After church, Nate cooked lunch for all of us girls and we opened the last of our presents. (Atalie had just eaten a piece of candy and I made her take her Christmas outfit off so she wouldn't mess it up.)

 Our big surprise gift to the girls is a trip to Disney World in March!

They were so surprised! 
We are all excited about it and looking forward 
to making some great memories together in 2012!

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Meredith said...

On a totally unrelated note, I love the lime green light fixtures!